Author: Ben Shanbrom

Getting the Freelance Rate You Deserve

Pricing your work and effectively explaining your value to clients can be very stressful tasks for independent contractors. In reality, the emotional stakes are often not as high as we may feel. By mapping out your value, understanding your clients’ motivations and tailoring your billing methods to project demands, you can maximize your chances for success when negotiating your freelance rate and eliminate much of the anxiety and double-guessing that paralyze many independents. According to Ted Leonhardt, creative talent coach and founder of the Leonhardt Group, creatives, who make up a vast portion of the modern gig economy, are especially...

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Is Your Email Etiquette Lousy? Shape It Up!

Email etiquette and professional communication skills are simply unavoidable when consulting and working online. Whether you crank out two-thousand word feature articles or hundreds of lines of code, chances are, as an independent consultant with a big network of clients and associates, you need to correspond with quite a few people on a regular basis, almost all of whom would  appreciate you knowing how to write a decent email! Electronic communication skills are also doubly important for new freelancers who are eager to avoid shooting themselves repeatedly in the foot. In this piece we’ll lay out five key strategies...

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