Author: Ben Shanbrom

Get New Clients With a Client Profile Strategy

Whether you’re a financial consultant or a session musician, your ability to consistently line up new work or bigger scopes of work is paramount to the success of your solo career. Defining your client profile is one of the best top-to-bottom strategies for attracting new clients, and not just any new clients – the best ones you could possibly work with. A client profile is a specific list of characteristics that define your ideal customer  – what they buy, how they act, the way they dress, and where they hang out (online and in real life). Having a conscious outline of these attributes gives you the...

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Don’t Get Stiffed! How to Always Get Paid for Your Freelance Work

In a perfect world there would be no reason to doubt our clients. The laws of contracting are simple: we offer clients services and we get paid what we’re due for the successful execution of these services. Unfortunately, any number of factors on the client’s end can muddle this simplicity and leave us staring at a bunch of overdue freelance invoices. If you want to get paid for your freelance work, and get paid on time (who doesn’t?), you need to take some proactive steps to ensure your rightful compensation. We may like working with big companies and notable...

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Crafting the Perfect Keep in Touch Email for Prospects

Ahhh the famed “keep in touch email” . . . or perhaps you call it the “just checking in –” Many freelancers preach the importance of keeping contacts warm and following up with the elusive “almost-clients.” It’s a simple idea in principle, but when it comes time to actually draft that simple, stupid, no-problem email . . . it turns out, it’s often kind of difficult. Many of us have a hard time selling ourselves to new clients, but to come back to a contact who didn’t give you the time of day and then, let’s say, “took a nice hiatus from...

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Better Protect Your Time and Work with a Client Sign-Off

We’ve recently discussed some important ways freelancers and consultants can set new client relationships up for success and affect a positive psychology towards their work. If these things matter to you (as they should), I would strongly recommend adding a client sign-off step to your work process. A thorough freelance contract is a good start, but if you’re a designer or consultant working on a fairly extensive project, the client sign-off can save you a lot of hassle later on by serving as a documented record of approval. Clients in the realms of web development and design can be notorious for their multiple rounds of revisions and...

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Leave Them Wanting More — The Ultimate Guide to Client Retention

There are two forces that keep the heart of a consulting career pumping — business development and client retention. We’ve devoted quite a bit of space to discussing the former and the importance of keeping our feet on the gas even when the ship seems to be sailing itself. However, our hunger for growth shouldn’t come at the expense of our current clients’ satisfaction. It’s a balancing act of keeping these two factors working in harmony with each other. As we mentioned earlier, current clients are the most financially valuable assets a solopreneur has in their arsenal. Reliable and...

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