Author: Ben Shanbrom

Independent Consulting Tools That Will Get You Cool Gigs

We’ve seen the dynamics of the working world change in a big way this past year. As more niche professionals graduate from the working world into the new horizons of the gig economy, they need more help navigating the complex nuances of the service market. This means finding creative ways to get the work volume they need for thriving and profitable new careers. This also means a lot of room for opportunity in the consulting app market. I recently posted a pretty expansive overview of freelance marketplaces independents can use to find high quality projects and I felt that it would helpful to give the consultants in our...

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Ready to Go Freelance? Put Your Past Experience To Work

In previous posts we’ve explored different timelines and conditions necessary for “taking the plunge” into the gig economy. There are many factors we can say are universally true when considering whether to go freelance in a full-time capacity, but as we continuously see, there is no absolute “right way” to do many of these things. This is a big part of why we run our “Meet the Indi” column — to document our individual successes and failings and learn from them together. Ben Matthews is a press consultant, freelance agency owner and blogger who has worked with companies as notable as Microsoft, American Express, Evernote and...

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How To Make A Great Consulting Website

“Having a great consulting website completely ruined my career,” . . .  said no one ever. Business cards are handy — you never know when you might bump into your next client — but a lot of the action in the gig economy takes place outside of the physical realm and that’s where your web credentials need to come through for you. In the “old days” of the music industry bands and artists would have their management (or in many cases themselves) fire out physical press packages to labels and other industry presences to open the door to new opportunities. While...

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Trello’s Acquisition by Atlassian – What Should They Do Next?

If you’ve been following the news, then you probably know that our favorite project management software, Trello, just announced its acquisition under enterprise software company Atlassian. It’s an interesting development for a number of reasons, but the reason we’d like to press on for a moment is the subscription model topic. Though we love Trello’s functionality, this reminds us of one of our pet peeves with it and with most other cloud-based software products that our fellow consultants and freelance creatives use. Despite being heavy Trello users, we currently still stick to its free model. Our reasons for this choice speak to...

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The Freelancer’s Guide to Time Management

Time — the eternal arch-nemesis of the independent — or so it often seems. 2016 was easily my most productive year to date — I took on a lot of new freelance work, I toured the country and the world multiple times, I developed many meaningful new relationships, and yet, I still wasted A LOT of time — time that could have made me, my happiness, and my talents that much better. To say the least, I have some healthy room for improvement, and I have a feeling you might as well. Personal freedom is a huge benefit of the freelance and consulting lifestyles,...

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