Author: Ben Shanbrom

6 Fearless Steps You Can Take to Grow Your Consulting Business

There’s something quite romantic about the solopreneur — so much so that entrepreneur and founder of Alphametic SEO agency Matt Capala wrote an entire book based on the parallels between the modern day solopreneur and the ronin — the lordless samurai of feudal Japan. It’s an interesting point of comparison — in many ways solos truly are the wanderers of the modern age, cut loose from their corporate masters. We take a lot of pride in our independence, but what happens when samurais want to expand their endeavors? How do they live by the code and break out of the hourly...

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Freelancing Is A Two Way Street — You Need to Qualify Leads!

Being approached by a new client can be very exciting. The prospect of new work and a sizable project fee is always alluring but before you send back the contract, take some time to assess the situation. The gig economy is not a one way street — clients have to earn your trust as well and it’s essential that you know how to vet them. This article covers six pivotal considerations that will give you the tools you need to successfully qualify leads. Do you trust the client and believe in what they’re doing? This is a question I’ve struggled with....

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When Do I Begin Freelancing Full-Time?

Have you been day-dreaming about quitting your full-time job and making the leap to freelance? It’s a huge temptation for many of us and could be the right move. However, you first need to consider some crucial factors before doubling down on your side-hustle. One of the greatest curiosities we have as consultants and aspiring independents is the big existential question: “when do I start freelancing full-time?” It’s a timely concern — a recent study by Upwork and Freelancers Union found that nearly 54 million Americans as of 2015 call themselves freelancers and 50 percent of that total has no...

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Getting the Freelance Rate You Deserve

Pricing your work and effectively explaining your value to clients can be very stressful tasks for independent contractors. In reality, the emotional stakes are often not as high as we may feel. By mapping out your value, understanding your clients’ motivations and tailoring your billing methods to project demands, you can maximize your chances for success when negotiating your freelance rate and eliminate much of the anxiety and double-guessing that paralyze many independents. According to Ted Leonhardt, creative talent coach and founder of the Leonhardt Group, creatives, who make up a vast portion of the modern gig economy, are especially...

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Is Your Email Etiquette Lousy? Shape It Up!

Email etiquette and professional communication skills are simply unavoidable when consulting and working online. Whether you crank out two-thousand word feature articles or hundreds of lines of code, chances are, as an independent consultant with a big network of clients and associates, you need to correspond with quite a few people on a regular basis, almost all of whom would  appreciate you knowing how to write a decent email! Electronic communication skills are also doubly important for new freelancers who are eager to avoid shooting themselves repeatedly in the foot. In this piece we’ll lay out five key strategies...

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