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Freelance Finances: Manage Your Income Like A Thriving Artist

The great news: There’s a wide array of financial information available to us these days. We can find it in everything from print media to Internet, television to seminars, and podcasts to live streams. The not-so-great news: Financial literacy information rarely addresses the tricky topic of freelance finances. The prevailing advice is usually geared toward people with regular 9-to-5 jobs who are on a very typical path to retirement. These are employed individuals who will sock away as much as they can in a company sponsored 401(k) or other retirement plan over 30-to-40 years, and will then get out of the work force as soon as possible to...

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The Value Pricing Mindset: 4 Questions to Reveal Your Client Value

It’s so easy to put your head down, do your work and never internalize how amazing you are. If you can set up a WordPress website and install a few key plugins, you’re way ahead of most people around you. If you can help someone refine their marketing message and really speak to their customers, you have the power to transform their business. These are all examples of what we call client value: the visible and unique benefits you offer your customers. The more aware you are of your own client value, the greater your ability is to attract new clients and charge what...

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How to Resolve a Client Dispute

This past month has been all about clients — how we get them, how we collaborate with them, and the quality of the relationships we share with them. As a fitting final topic for this content theme, we wanted to explore the “uh-oh” scenarios of client disputes and how we can best handle them (and keep our cool throughout the process). We’ve made the argument that a sustainable solo venture isn’t maintained by lots of little projects, but a handful of high-value clients. These people are the lifeblood of our businesses and our ability to retain them is a make-or-break factor for our...

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How to Make an Online Portfolio That Gets The Gig

Breaking into the competitive world of freelance work, regardless of the type of creative craft, has reached new levels of mystique given the boom of the gig economy and the solopreneur. With 34 percent of the workforce now involved in freelance work, there’s one question that’s bound to come up in freelancers’ minds: How can I beat out the competition? Recruitment teams must sort through hundreds of portfolios to find the right match for each opportunity — competition can be stiff, to say the least. An online portfolio is a versatile application that helps determine if someone is qualified...

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Get More Freelance Consulting Jobs By Saying “No”

It sounds counter-intuitive, but the best way to win high quality clients and get more freelance consulting jobs is to try to convince them not to work with you. This thought flips the general psychology of business owners on its head. Usually when you talk to a prospect you spend your time telling them how awesome you are. You tell them about the amazing projects you’ve done and the problems you’ve solved for past clients. You do this all in the attempt to make them believe that you are indeed the best person to complete their project. Once they’ve heard how amazing you...

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