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The Freelance Contract: How to Write an Effective Statement of Work

One of the toughest things about being a freelancer is protecting yourself from your clients. You are just an individual, while your clients can often be savvy business owners or larger organizations. We’ve all had disputes with clients large and small. They can often be soul-sucking, he-said-she-said arguments that can lead to all sorts of issues — from financial to mental. The best way to protect yourself from these types of disputes is to start the project off by writing a solid statement of work and having the client agree to it and sign it before you begin. A...

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Freelance What? How an Independent Wedding Officiant Thrives in the Gig Economy

When you think of freelance work, what are the first jobs that come to mind? Writer and graphic designer? These are indeed among the most popular roles, according to a recent article from Business News Daily, The 6 Fastest-Growing Freelance Jobs, which also reports a surge in electrical engineers, software developers and marketing consultants taking their talents into the freelance realm. While many such jobs are already commonly associated with freelancing, the vast, constantly growing gig economy has enabled professionals of increasingly diverse fields to strike out on their own — including wedding officiant Judith Kubish. Kubish’s website actually lists...

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People Management: A PR Exec Discusses Client Acquisition and Crises Takedown

We found Andy Blum a few months ago, while researching some of the more unusual ways independents land new business. Blum’s example of client acquisition was one of our favorites. He was living in New York City, had recently launched his first PR agency, and found himself receiving junk faxes from a nearby business. The faxes were clearly intended for a Baltimore destination but the area code was missing. Blum called the senders to tell them about the error. The company thanked him and assured Blum they would fix the number. Problem solved. But just before they hung up,...

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Stand Out In Today’s Highly Competitive Business Environment

Just for a moment, think back to your singles days. Unless, of course, you are still single, then just read on. You are in a bar on a Friday evening after work. Slightly exhausted from the long week but excited because the weekend has arrived. You order your favorite adult beverage, take a sip and scan the room for any familiar faces. Do any stand out? There are some people from your company you recognize, but that is not why you came to the bar. After all, you are single. There are many pretty women and handsome men laughing...

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Freelance Partners: Work Together AND Be Independent

It’s not unusual for one self-employed individual to hire another freelancer to work for them. A business coach may hire a virtual assistant or a blog writer. A writer might hire a website designer to create their website for them. But let’s talk about something more collaborative — about actually being freelance partners. Increasingly, independents are finding that two or more freelancers can benefit from coming together for a client whose project requires a variety of skillsets to complete. Consider this scenario: A freelance writer is talking to a client about writing the copy for a new product landing...

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