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3 Innovative Ways to Market Your Consulting Business

Being good isn’t enough. Whether you’re trying to land your first paying gig or grow a successful consulting business, you need to find clients, and clients need to find you. This takes time and effort, resources you cannot afford to squander when your livelihood depends on a steady stream of business. Mainstream marketing wisdom — become a thought leader, maintain an active social media presence, always be networking — is often easier said than done. You need specific, affordable marketing tactics. To help you make the most of your time, we’ve gathered three innovative marketing tips from Chris Michaels,...

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Pro Bono Freelance Work: When Does It Make Sense to Work for Free?

If independent contractors’ most valuable asset is time, then their most pressing objective must be turning time into money. So, does it ever make sense to work for free? Actually, yes. There are several compelling reasons — some strategic, some philosophical — to work “for the good of it.” Working pro bono, as this is known, means donating a person’s time or expertise at no charge. As described by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (which offers free downloadable guides on this topic), pro bono work is typically conducted for charitable, religious, community, education and other nonprofit organizations, though...

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Worried About Scope Creep? Keep the Contract Front and Center

Imagine you’re a freelance writer who just submitted a major project to a client, and you get this email in response: “This looks fantastic — great work!! To finish off this package, could you just write two more quick blog posts for me? They can be short, and on the same topics, shouldn’t take too long. Thanks!” Of course you say yes; the client said the posts wouldn’t take too long, and besides, he’s being really nice to you. He even said your work was great! With two exclamation points! So you work on those last two blog posts, performing...

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