Author: Jessie Kwak

The Beginner’s Guide To Getting Upfront Payment From Freelance Clients

Dealing with the ebb and flow of freelance finances is one of the biggest challenges of building a business as a freelance consultant or solopreneur. Sending multiple invoices, tracking down late payments, and juggling bills while you wait for that “check in the mail”? If that sounds like you, it’s time to think about requesting upfront payment from clients. Getting upfront payment for freelance or consulting work is a common industry practice, especially for bigger projects. But negotiating it can be tricky, and a lot of new freelancers are nervous to ask. They don’t want to jeopardize work from...

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How to Start a Freelance Business In One Step? Why Reckless Is Best

From freelance animation to financial consulting, more business professionals are ditching the day job for the flexibility of a freelance lifestyle. Work from home is an attractive idea, but knowing how to do the work in your field is only half the requirement. The other half is knowing how to start a freelance business that will sustain you. Put another way, if you are a freelance photographer, you aren’t just taking pictures that fulfill the creative brief. You are selling photography services and building all the marketing and management processes that go into succeeding. Diving into the 1099 world...

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