Author: Jessie Kwak

9 Ways Website Designers Can Get More Freelance Development Work Fast

An avalanche of freelance development work has had you working your tail off for months without a spare second to market your web design business. Now that a couple of big projects are wrapped up, you realize in a panic that you don’t have anything in the pipeline. You need to drum up some new web development gigs work, fast. But where should you start? First up, don’t panic. While it’s obviously best to keep marketing your freelance business even during the busy times, it’s possible that new projects are lurking just out of sight. Here are a few...

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The Key to Your Next Consulting Job: Your Past Experience

Have you been holding off becoming an independent consultant because you’re not sure you have the experience? Maybe you’re worried you’re not “expert” enough. Or, are you already working as a consultant and want to expand your consulting business? Maybe you’ve become a little too comfortable in your current role and would like to find a consulting job in a broader range of fields. Either way, here’s the good news: if you’ve been successfully freelancing, successfully consulting or successful in an office working a 9 to 5, you are more ready than you realize. You have valuable experience and expertise...

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Web Developer to Web Consultant: How to Reframe Your Value

If you’ve been a freelance web developer for awhile or already run your own successful web development business, you may be starting to think about the next step. You already solve complex problems for your clients by developing websites and managing other digital solutions. Why not reframe what you do and become a freelance web consultant? Developing a web consulting mindset — and commanding the corresponding higher rates from clients — is more than just changing up the title on your business cards. It involves changing your approach from “practitioner” to “partner and advisor.” Web consulting builds on your existing...

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6 Essential Client Facing Skills You Need For Gig Economy Success

As a freelancer, you absolutely need to be great at what you do — copywriter, video producer, independent consultant, a great freelance anything. But when you’re an independent contractor, you also need a set of client facing skills if you want your business to succeed. After all, when you become a freelancer you’ve also suddenly become the sales team, accounts payable department and lead customer service agent. Client complaints, compliments and billing questions all come to you, and how you handle them can set you apart from your competition. What are client facing skills? Client facing skills are those...

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Prove You’re an Expert! 7 Ways Planning Consultants Build Credibility

Everywhere you look, independent planning consultants are calling themselves experts. Whether or not it’s true is beside the point. Just the fact that anyone could call him or herself an expert these days means that people are naturally more suspicious of the term. Clients want to hire expert planning consultants, but they need more proof than just a tagline on your website. How can you show you really know your stuff? By creating a body of content that conveys your ideas and communicates your brand. When you demonstrate your knowledge and skill set around a particular niche, methodology or...

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