Author: Robert McGuire

The Future of Work Is the Future of Self: How the Work In Place Movement Is Supporting Remote Workers

Michael Erard, a writer and linguist, touched a nerve in June with an interesting opinion piece in the New York Times business section arguing that “remote workers” — a growing part of the overall workforce — are undervalued and that employment laws and policies are outdated in ways that disadvantage these workers. He goes on to propose a different term — work in place — and to announce the launch of a new organization that will advocate for policies to benefit people who may be teleworking or telecommuting, engaged in flex work or working in shared workspaces, from home or...

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Why Are We Launching a Site for Independent Consultants?

Founding the Nation The inspiration for Nation1099, our new site for independent consultants and freelancers, started with questions that a group of freelance professionals had as we were growing our businesses. In our mastermind sessions, over lunch and at the bar after movies, we would update one another on our search for insights and advice, and we would find ourselves wondering things like: • What does Michael Porter’s Five Forces Analysis look like for a one-person IT consultancy? • What does a blue ocean strategy look like for an industrial designer working on a project basis from their home office? • How can Rita...

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