Author: Shari Shallard

How This Austin Coworking Space Is Designed For Freelance Creatives

Createscape  is an Austin coworking space that owner founder Keller Davis created particularly for artistic freelancers and independent contractors like himself. Founded in June 2014, Createscape’s presence in Austin is only growing. In the last six months, they expanded twice, making more room for individuals or small businesses to work and create. We talked to Davis about what is making Createscape attractive to people working in the gig economy and why coworking space newbies are often pleasantly surprised by what they encounter when they first experience the shared working environment. What compelled you to open an Austin coworking space? I’m...

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How A Brooklyn Coworking Space Is Building Partnerships and Community

Vicrum Puri and his wife Rachel launched the Brooklyn coworking space BrooklynWorks at 159 so freelancers and small businesses could find an affordable and creative space to be productive and grow their operations. As residents of the community in which BrooklynWorks is based, they both take particular joy in seeing the coworking space inspire collaborations and a general sense that “going to the office” can be a pleasant, inspiring and drama-free experience. The usual offerings of a coworking space — internet access, communal and dedicated desks and workspaces, private offices, conference rooms, event areas — are there. They also have...

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Building a Virtual Team To Serve Clients – Advice From An Agency Operations Expert

Solopreneur Jayne Heggen knows the power of asking hard questions. They are essential, she feels, in guiding clients through the chaos and helping them stay on the path to success. That’s the purpose of her consultancy, the Heggen Group, which relies on an evolving virtual team to serve her clients. These are approaches for which Heggen’s own career — with time spent in music and gymnastics as well as roles in accounting, process design, operations and marketing — has uniquely equipped her. As CEO of her own consultancy, Heggen designs and implements practical strategies for the operations of businesses ranging from small companies...

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Blankspaces: LA Coworking Spaces That Celebrate the Freelance Lifestyle

Blankspaces is a trio of LA coworking spaces that is as much a celebration of coworking as it is a place to work. Their motto should appeal to freelancers in particular — work for yourself, not by yourself. And on their about page, for example,  you’ll find an interesting piece that explores the practical and existential benefits of the communal approach to freelance life. The same page features a series of videos that are so funny and informative and irreverent (warning: f-bombs included) you’ll be sharing them even if you live nowhere near southern California. With locations in Santa Monica, Mid-Wilshire and...

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New to the Gig Economy: Notes from An Indi Who Just Took The Plunge

In August, a tweet from Mike Mierendorf caught our eye: Day 1 of being an independent consultant begins. Of course, we at Nation1099 were intrigued. How would Day 1 go? And Day 2? And Month 1? And Month 2? So we gave Mike a little time to get his hands dirty before asking him about what’s it like to be new to the gig economy. Mike’s background covers a wide swath of creative and business endeavors. He graduated in 2006 with a BA in print journalism and a minor in modern history from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. His first...

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