Nation1099 is made up of people who started out selling our creativity, skills and expertise on a project basis and gradually realized we are business owners. Some of us went to business school, some of us worked in traditional jobs before striking out on our own and some of us are “freelance native” — natural born citizens of Nation1099.

We are “freelance by choice,” tech powered, creative, interested in getting smarter about business and interested in expanding the network of other freelancers we work with.

We may describe ourselves as freelance, contract, contingent, consulting or casual. We understand that freelance doesn’t mean passive, and it doesn’t mean waiting for something better to come along. We are not “between jobs.”

We are the vanguard of professional work. We understand that the nature of work itself is changing — that it is happening not in departments in companies but in loosely-connected temporary teams who come together around projects.

Our vision for Nation1099 is a community that encourages and empowers these entrepreneurial independent contractors. We strive to be the premier publication for consultants, freelancers and other gig economy workers who want to go from surviving to thriving.