Author: Ben Shanbrom

Communication Breakdown? Nail Working with a Remote Team!

3.3 million Americans currently report working from home, which means in 2017 more huddles are happening across oceans and time zones than ever before. It also means that you probably have at least one remote team that you regularly interface with. And these flexible work arrangements mean quite a few benefits for many of us. According to a recent study by Baseline: • 82%  of telecommuters report that their remote work arrangement reduced their stress levels • 80% said it improved their morale • 70% said it increased their productivity These statistics may not come as much of a surprise...

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Why You Need to Find a Mastermind Group (And How to Do It)

Struggling to kick some bad habits in your solo career or take things to the next level? A mastermind could be the answer you’ve been looking for! In addition to the many benefits associated with the practice, we’ll explore below how to find a mastermind group, tips for creating and organizing one and how to run a mastermind group your own. As solopreneurs, we put such a burden on ourselves to succeed that we often feel paralyzed and stifled without the support and council of the peers we might have had in other more traditional realms of employment. You are not alone in braving...

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Conquer Freelance Taxes & Independent Contractor Tax Deductions

As freelancers and consultants, we handle our business operations largely on our own — and tax filing for many of us is no exception. Freelance taxes and tax write offs are not especially thrilling topics for most solos, but understanding the intricacies and policies that surround these items is pretty integral to mastering the self-employed lifestyle — and not giving yourself an annual panic attack! We assembled this guide to help new and veteran independent contractors properly manage their tax duties and avoid the major pitfalls that often burden 1099-ers throughout the tax preparation process. Whether you’re planning to file your taxes on your own,...

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How to Buy Freelance Health Insurance After Open Enrollment

Editor’s Note: We ran an earlier version of this post to help freelancers buy health insurance before the close of the open enrollment deadline on January 31st. Naturally, it was our hope that as many readers as possible would have the chance to take advantage of this important opportunity, but we know life and work can get in the way. Accordingly, we’ve published an updated version, exploring the practical options you still have available for getting health coverage after open enrollment has ended. We will also clarify the current policy status of freelance health insurance in the United States. What’s going to happen...

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The Best Freelance Websites and Marketplaces in 2017

The online job market is one of the most useful tools the modern freelancer has for securing a steady workflow. In this post we explore what we believe are the best freelance websites, apps and job boards currently available to independent professionals of all specializations. We also detail important considerations relevant to each resource.  In a recent study commissioned by Freelancers Union, 69 percent of self-employed workers affirmed that new technology has made finding gigs easier. Freelance websites and job boards have blown open the gates to consistent and steadier income for non-traditional workers of many backgrounds. But if anything, the modern freelancer has perhaps too...

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