Are we open to guest contributions?

contributor's guidelines for nation1099, resources for the entrepreneurial independent contractor

You bet! We’d love for you to share your thoughts.

But if you’re interested in submitting, please ask yourself these questions first:

  1. Does my article add value on the topics Nation1099 covers?
  2. Is it in the spirit of what’s described on the vision page?
  3. Is it very strong and clear writing?
  4. Is it “unGoogleable”? Does it offer an insight that isn’t already readily available on the internet?
  5. Hypothetically, if you removed any reference to you, your company, your products or what you do, would it still add value to our readers?

If the answer to question 5 is no, then it may be too self-promotional. We appreciate references to other terrific resources — including yours — when it is highly relevant to a thesis that could stand on its own and when it comes up organically in the course of arguing that thesis. In that case, by all means, mention your company. But if the main purpose of the article is promotion for your company, we won’t be able to use it.

If you answered yes to all the above? Then we are eager to hear from you.

What would you like to contribute?

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